Past Times Remembered


Address stones and special memory stones

Casey offers a wide variety of design possibilities.  A few of which are shown here. He has taken his years of headstone study and collected photographs to gather a collection designs. While he most often recreates the old styles found on headstones from the 1800's, he can also create a very modern stone for your needs. 
Start a dialog with Casey. Tell him what you need, what you like, any ideas you have. Casey will work with you to come up with a design and a finished headstone you will treasure. Send Casey an email to

Delivery and Installation can also be arranged.

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Since early childhood Casey has enjoyed walking the old cemeteries. It was a gift given to him by his grandfather. They would walk together as he would tell him about their people who were buried there. As an adult, Casey found a love for carving in stone. "From the first cut of the chisel I knew stone carving would always be in my life." It was only a matter of time until these two loves merged into one. Now the maker of beautiful headstones, Casey has found his calling. "When cutting the lettering into the stone, I feel I am talking to that person. I am creating this for them. I feel connected." 

Stone Carving


We make affordable  memorials in Indiana Limestone.

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