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  • Casey Winningham is a talented and gracious artist who excels at sharing his talents with others. Inspired by the work of 19th century gravestone carvers, he incorporates willows, urns and other motifs into the limestone work. He has done several lettering and carving demonstrations for Traditional Arts Indiana, and he is always met with fascination and excitement at each event.

                 Jon Kay, Executive Director of Traditional Arts Indiana

  • I was looking for someone who made period grave markers for my second great grandparents. I wanted them to be appropriate for the times in which they had lived. Casey's work is what I was looking for. His work is above and beyond what I had expected. He cares about the kind of work he does and cares about your wish to restore and mark properly the resting place of your loved ones. Thank you, Casey!

                 Colleen Golden

  • Casey Winningham is a very caring and compassionate person who takes much pride in his work as a carver. I am so pleased with the work he did for me by carving a stone for my sister's grave. The respect and compassion shown for the deceased is above and beyond anyone I have dealt with. His talent as an artist excels because he puts his heart and soul into his work. I highly recommend his service and craftsmanship.

                 Willie Jo Ball

  • The "Hand Lettering in Stone" class that Casey held at the national Association for Gravestone Studies conference in 2014 was one of the highlights of the conference. It was all those attending the workshop could talk about. Not only how much fun it was, but how wonderful a teacher Casey was.

                 Jeannie Regan-Dinius, DNR-DHP

  • “ While doing research into my family history I discovered that my great great grandfather’s grave in Kentucky was no longer marked by a headstone. His wife’s headstone next to him was still in place. I met Mr. Winningham and asked if he might consider carving a new stone for my great great grandfather’s grave if time permitted. Mr. Winningham was not only able to carve a new stone, but also suggested that I send him pictures of his wife’s stone so that he could make the new stone match the shape and style of her existing stone. The workmanship and care taken in carving the new stone so closely replicated the existing stone that, once weathered, no one will question its much later origin. Mr. Winningham was a delight to deal with and was most accommodating. Once commissioned, I asked if he could have it ready on short notice since I was scheduled to be in his part of the state for a conference. Mr. Winningham not only finished the stone timely, but also agreed to meet me in a more convenient location for pick-up. When I picked up the stone, Mr. Winningham took the time to hear about the man for whom the stone was made and asked if I could send him a photo of my great great grandfather, which I did. My journey to discover my families past has caused my path to cross many others who have assisted in helping me understand how my family came to live in Indiana. None along the way have been more interested, talented and sharing of their assistance than Casey Winningham. I would recommend his work to any and all who seek to remember and honor their past with something written in stone!

                 J. Steven Cox, Judge, Franklin County Circuit Court

  • Casey is Awesome!!! He carved a stone for my 5th generation grandmother and I was so happy with his work, I got him to do one for her son as well. As I was picking up his stone, I asked him if he would be interested in demonstrating his talent at the Madison Chautauqua as a guest of the Jefferson County Genealogical Society partnering with the Jefferson County Historical Society. He readily accepted and we are so glad he did. His affable personality and ability to communicate his profession was admirable. We received nothing but praise from event attendees and society members for his talent, presentation skills and art. All I can say, if you need a period headstone, a limestone memorial, or any other item carved out of limestone, Casey is your Artist.

                 Allen Manning, Cemetery Committee, Jefferson County Genealogical Society

  • Casey made us a BEAUTIFUL headstone in a timely manner & with much detail & at a very reasonable in price. Just what we wanted & more !! Casey is very professional & accurate & a terrific stone carver. THANK YOU so much again !!!        

                  Bob & Marg Brown Franklin IN

  • Casey has been blessed with an amazing talent. He is always so generous to share his work and knowledge. When he sees an unmarked grave, Casey often takes upon himself to make a headstone and place it on the unmarked grave of a soul who would never have had a headstone if it were not for his generosity. I highly encourage anyone who needs a headstone to let Casey help you. So many people have ancestors with out a headstone. With Casey's fine work it can be a unique memorial. It doesn't matter if it's a old burial or a new one, you will be blessed to work with Casey.

                   Carole -

By Casey Winningham

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